EA Canada boss leaves in the wake of NBA Elite 11 cancellation

Cancelled title leaves a wake of destruction

Staff restructuring withing EA after the cancellation of this year's NBA Elite 11 has taken one fairly high profile casualty.

The boss of EA Canada, Moira Dang has left the company following NBA Elite's cancellation and the series getting moved to EA Tiburon.

EA Tiburon's Philip Holt is currently considering other positions within EA.

A spokesperson for EA stated: "We're making organizational changes to our development team at EA Sports that will be better for the franchises and better for our people. We continue to proactively evolve our team to better position ourselves with improved product quality and growth in revenue for our shareholders, to share technology and lower our development costs, and to pioneer new innovation in digital experiences for our consumers. As part of this transition, we have eliminated the site-based GM roles at EAC and Tiburon."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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