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EA Cousins: New Battlefield can loosen the consoles' grip on online shooters

Free-to-play shooter might be the antidote to Call of Duty

EA's Ben Cousins has been explaining what they hope to achieve with their new free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Play4Free at this year's London Games Conference.

Cousins told the industry conference that their new free-to-play title will be positioned to make a dent in the dominance of the consoles in the online FPS market.

He said: "At what point do the hardcore gamers switch over from spending 60 USD a month on console games to spending that much a month on microtransactions for an online title.

"There's an opportunity in the next two to five years to cause a significant disruption to the traditional triple-A console market," he added. "I want someone considering buying a game on a Microsoft console to think 'But these games are free over here'."

Thanks MCV.

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