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Crytek UK hopes gamers remember Haze in a positive light

Developers thing the game had some cool ideas.

The 2007 PS3-exclusive title Haze had the misfortune of being one of the first highly anticipated games for the console that fell short of expectations. Still, Crytek UK - the team that originally developed the game under the Free Radical name - hopes that gamers see the "good elements" of the game when they look back on it.

"I dont think anyone will claim it was an unrecognised classic, but maybe [gamers will] treat it a little more gently than it got treated when it was released," Crytek UK head Karl Hilton told Eurogamer. "That would be nice."

The UK-based developer recalls being genuinely surprised when the first reviews for Haze began rolling in. "We were surprised by how poorly it was received," he remembered."We felt it had a lot of good elements in, which just didnt seem to get picked up at all."

While Haze performed well commercially, selling more then 500,000 copies, it was critically panned, receive a 55 on MetaCritic.

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