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Renderware plots PSP debut

Middleware firm re-new's industry assault at GDC

With the Game Developers Conference kicking-off today, the UK's Criterion Software chose yesterday to officially confirm not only the latest version of their uber-popular game middleware toolset Renderware; but also a brand new version of the developer's best friend for the Sony PSP handheld.

The new version of Renderware confirmed includes support taking advantage of future-generation consoles and cutting-edge PC technology. "RenderWare4 has been squarely targeted at what next generation games will bring: massive data sets, parallelism in architecture and huge calls on visual effects," enthused Criterion's Adam Billyard. "When Criterion began planning for new hardware over two years ago, it was obvious that an iteration of current generation technology simply wouldn't deliver next time around, so we made the critical decision to design and build RenderWare4 completely from the ground up."

Meanwhile, Renderware for the PSP provides a complete set of game development tools, from graphics to physics, and is already being used by Criterion for their forthcoming PSP version of Burnout.

"PSP is a truly revolutionary platform," gushed Criterion CEO David Lau-Kee, "and it has been a pleasure to work on it. Demand from RenderWare users for support for PSP has been phenomenal, and we're looking forward to delivering the full RenderWare toolchain for PSP to them. RenderWare has long provided the underlying power behind many AAA videogames, and in an increasingly high-stakes world, is a brand that people know and trust to deliver. Producing RenderWare for PSP reinforces Criterion's commitment to empowering the publisher and developer communities with open, flexible and future-proofed production solutions."

All in all with this GDC-timed showing Criterion are demonstrating that they plan to stay at the forefront of the middleware market as the next leap in hardware approaches, ensuring that the technology behind such hits as GTA remains their's for the foreseeable future.

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