Cliffy B: Connected devices are future of gaming

Gears of War dev believes future consoles will be connected.

While Microsoft and Sony claim that motion controllers are the future of the gaming industry, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski thinks the nex generation will be about connected experiences.

Bleszinski expressed his opinions to the BBC in a recent interview. He asserted that games will be playable across a number of different platforms, ranging from mobile devices to traditional consoles. Regardless of platforms, though, the playing experience will be shared.

"The next generation of video game consoles might just be things that are like the iPad, where you take your pad with you and when you're at the pub you can play a simpler version of the game and then when you bring it to the house you plug it in a docking station and it pops up on your large TV and you take your traditional controller and you play the more traditional game," he said.

"And then this connects to people's mobile phones so you have maybe a social element; and you do whatever you can to create what is essentially a second life for users who want to seek out that fantasy world and experience."

Bleszinski is currently working on Gears of War 3, which is due for the Xbox 360 next fall. A multiplayer beta will launch in the spring.

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