PS2 HDD and Final Fantasy XI ship Stateside


Square Enix USA confirmed late yesterday that Final Fantasy XI for the PS2 has shipped to retailers in North America, as part of a bundle with the 40GB PS2 hard-drive expansion. Currently, in tandem with the hard-drive is the only way to acquire Square's MMORPG, being the first title available to use the much-delayed device, however future releases such as Resident Evil: Outbreak and Syphon Filter: the Omega Strain do plan to use the new capabilities on offer.

The pack is said to cost $99, which at current exchange rates is a very reasonable £50-60, though if we do ever get this pack in Europe we're guessing £99 is more likely. The game is actually pre-installed on the HDD anyway, however gamers will need to install Square's PlayOnline software and download a few updates before entering the fray.

We've still no word on if and when this title (both the PC and console variety) will be released in Europe, but hopefully the successes or failings of this debut will at least persuade Sony into deciding one way or the other.

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