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PC is the cutting edge says Levine

Irrational boss doffs his hat to the PC

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has been talking about the PC and what it means to him.

The System Shock creator hailed the PC and the source of all innovation in the games industry.

Levine said: "After a long day in front of a PC, the last thing I want to do is come home and sit in front of a PC. I hear this all the time from game developers. It is not something you'll hear from me. When it comes down to it, as a gamer, I'm a PC. I like the kind of games you can play on it. I like that designers know they have your full attention, so they feel comfortable EXPECTING your full attention. I like the ergonomics of the thing, the mouse and keyboard, the effortless transition from gaming to browsing to typing. I'm an alt-tab kind of guy."

He continued: "Sometimes it's a disaster. In fact, usually it is. Most ideas are terrible. But sometimes it's Steam. And sometimes it's modding. And sometimes it's Minecraft. And then we all, gamers and developers, get to high-five the universe and think about how lucky we are. What's the future of PCs? Again, fuck if I know. But here's something you can take the bank: If you want to know the future of gaming, buy a PC. And pay attention. Because above all, that thing on your desk is a crystal ball."

Thanks Develop Online.

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