Analyst: Black Ops not to surpass Modern Warfare 2

"Bitter" press partly to blame

Michael Pachter has been sharing his wisdom with the games industry again this time casting doubt over Call of Duty: Black Ops' ability to beat its predecessor's achievements.

Pachter believes that the Treyarch's relatively poor track record on the series compared to Infinity Ward will hurt Black Ops along with a hypercritical and bitter gaming press.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst explained: "The challenge is that Treyarch is called the 'other' Call of Duty developer for a reason; the top review scores for the franchise on are held by Infinity Ward games, with Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, the original Call of Duty, and Call of Duty 2 each receiving average scores of 89 or higher. The best reviewed Call of Duty game from Treyarch (World at War) received an 85.7 percent score, while Call of Duty 3 got an 82 rating. I don't know whether the gaming press will suddenly become more charitable than they have in the past, but my read on them as a group is that they are a hypercritical and bitter lot, and I think that they have the potential to find many things wrong with Black Ops, chief among them that the game is not Modern Warfare 2."

Pachter added: "A read through of the reviews on Medal of Honor will show you that the gaming press is just waiting to compare Black Ops to Modern Warfare 2, and although Black Ops looks phenomenal, I'm not sure it will get the benefit of the doubt. With that said, if the game gets a review score in the 90s, I think that the game has a chance to sell as well as Modern Warfare 2, due to a larger console installed base. However, competition is quite fierce this holiday, with competitive games like Halo Reach, Medal of Honor and Vanquish all in the marketplace, and anyone who buys one of those games will have $60 less to spend on other shooter games. Thus, I must conclude that Black Ops won't sell as well as Modern Warfare 2, but I do think that the Call of Duty franchise will continue to sell very well."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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