Dragon Age 2 to get DLC pipeline for brand new buyers

EA's battle with pre-owned continues

EA and Bioware have announced that those who pick up a brand new copy of Dragon Age 2 will be granted access to exclusive downloadable content that won't be available to second-hand buyers.

As a continuation of EA's Online Pass campaign Dragon Age 2 will feature codes to access downloadable content in a similar fashion to Mass Effect 2's Cerebus Network.

Dragon Age 2's executive producer Mark Darrah also told Joystiq of their plans for DLC for the fantasy sequel saying: "What we're doing with the DLC in Dragon Age 2 is making it larger; so it'll be bigger teams, more unique environments, more unique creatures -- so that it gets the attention it deserves to get."

Dragon Age 2 will be available of PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from March the 8th 2011 in the US and March the 11th in the UK.

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