Analyst: EA MMA is "dead on arrival"

Not quite the knockout punch that EA expected

One analytical firm is not happy with the performance of EA Sports' mixed martial arts title or even EA itself this year so far.

Cowan and Company's Doug Creutz pronounced EA MMA dead on arrival after the title placed in at just 23 in the sales charts in the US in its first week.

He began: "EA's recently released MMA appears to be more or less DOA at retail, while UFC recently announced an extension of its license with THQ, likely putting an end to EA's efforts to expand into the mixed martial arts genre."

Creutz also said that EA as a whole has had a poor year this year as a whole adding: "Medal of Honor earned weak reviews, and we expect sales post the launch period to decline precipitously - particularly once Call of Duty: Black Ops hits retail."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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