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Nintendo not pushing WiiWare enough says Zoonami

It's still a profitable platform though

The boss of indie developer Zoonami, Martin Hollis has been critical of the way Nintendo has been promoting its downloadable games services on Wii and Dsi.

Despite his saying that that Nintendo has not been putting enough PR weight behind WiiWare and DSiWare he still believes that developers can have a lot of success on the platforms.

Hollis told GamesIndustry.biz: "Apple have had such massive success in capturing media attention - they've sucked all of the air out of it. I don't know that Nintendo's putting a great deal of energy into trying to generate PR for WiiWare or DsiWare."

He added: "My impression is that you can make a game if you've got a few thousand Euros, Dollars, Pounds - because you will need a dev kit or two.. [If] you've got two really talented guys, you can make a game, and you can sell 200,000 and upwards. Some of the titles are 8 GBP or 10 GBP. So the opportunities are there for people, you have to make a game that fits in with Nintendo - has a Nintendo feeling."

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