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APB may still make a return

Not all hope is lost

APB was shut down at the end of the summer after within only a couple of months of release after its developer Realtime Worlds went bust.

It seems that the ambitious MMO may not be as dead as the first thought. Some patch notes have appeared from an unknown source that suggest that a buyer may still be found for the game as Realtime Worlds' administration period draws to a close.

The supposed patch notes stated: "It's looking like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for APB. The end of the administration process is apparently close and there appears to be a buyer for the game."

Of course, with the document's source unknown this news could well be a hoax and, given that EA has already been distributing free games to those who purchased APB on Steam APB may well be dead and gone.

Thanks VG247.

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