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Angry Birds not part of the Chillingo/EA deal

Rovio retains rights to Angry Birds IP

Angry Birds developer Rovio has said that they will not be using EA's latest purchase Chillingo as their publisher again.

In fact Rovio went further saying that they don't need publishers at all and will be self-publishing from now on. Their publishing deal with Chillingo allowed them to retain all the rights to the Angry Birds IP which has just passed the 2 million sales mark on Android and has Nokia and PlayStation Mini versions of the hit game in the works.

Rovio's Peter Vestebacka told TechCrunch: "We only did the first iPad/iPhone integration with Chillingo and aside from that weve published everything ourselves. We will not use Chillingo again."

The 2 million copies of Angry Birds sold on Android is nothing compared to the 6.5 million sold on the iPhone and iPad.

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