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Serious Sam HD gets a new level creation tool on PC

More fun for PC game modders

Croteam has announced that they will be making available a level editor for Serious Sam HD on the PC.

The Serious Level Editor 3 Beta will allow Serious Sam fans to create single player, co-op and multiplayer maps for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter.

Croteam also issued a challenge to the game's community saying: "Both Serious Sam fans and those nasty forum trolls always tell us that anyone could make abetter campaign level or multiplayer map than us. Well prove it, ladies. Knock yourselves out."

They have promised to monitor the levels that enthusiasts have been creating and will be awarding goodies to those that create decent levels with one lucky level designer getting their multiplayer level to feature in Serious Sam 3 along with their name in the design credits.

The Serious Level Editor 3 Beta is available as a free download on Steam for owners of Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter.

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