THQ confirms the need for UK games industry tax breaks

Tax breaks heavily influence THQ's choice of studio location

THQ VP of core games, Danny Bilson has confirmed the need for tax breaks in the UK in a recent interview.

Bilson told that THQ would set up a studio anywhere that offers them tax breaks when talking about the 37.5 percent tax break that encouraged them to set up their new super studio in Montreal.

He said: "I wish that Los Angeles or California would give us 37.5 per cent [tax break] on the labour; then we'd be building out here. If it was in Manchester we'd be building out there. If it was in Lyon, we'd be building out there."

"Well, it's all about money," Bilson added on their choice of homes for studios. "The talent in the UK is extraordinary...I got to know a lot of teams in the UK - it's one of the greatest talent centres in the world... So there's no issue with talent; it's just economics - and if the government finds subsidies there, absolutely we would build out. We have a studio up in Warrington that's an excellent studio, working on our Xbox Live/PSN digital games, so we do have a studio in the UK... but I'm sorry, it's all about money at the end of the day."

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