Brazilian court seeks to ban GTA: Episodes from Liberty City

GTA in trouble over music this time

A Brazilian court is seeking to ban Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City due to a sample used in one of the songs on the game's soundtrack.

Apparently the court claims that a Kid Conga track used in The Ballad of Gay Tony illegally uses a sample from a tune by Brazilian composer Hamilton Loureno da Silva.

The plot thickens however as the Kid Conga track in question is Daniel Haarksman which features Brazilian MC, MC Miltinho. MC Miltinho happens to be Hamilton Loureno da Silva's son.

If the charge is proven Rockstar may be forced to pull GTA: Episodes from Liberty City from retail shelves worldwide.

A spokesperson for Rockstar Games told Kotaku that they had not received any notifications on the matter from the court and are investigating the reports.

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