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Industry responds to EA Louse

Anonymous EA employee branded a coward

After his vitriolic rant against EA, Bioware Mythic and Star Wars: The Old Republic EA Louse has received a response from some other figures in the industry.

Freelance artist and illustrator Jeff Preston said: "It kills me to see white-collar crybabies bitching about layoffs when people who work far harder, without donut days and comfy chairs get cut every day with no warning and no severance. Bottom line is that working for Activision, Electronic Arts or any other big company is like eating a giant s**t sandwich at times. It sucks. We eat it or we walk."

Preston added: "The passive-aggressive sniping from a wall of anonymity is for pussies. Bitches who have this sense of entitlement. The world owes them! Writing posts like that just stirs up a s**tstorm and enrages the mob. The Mob who really knows f**k all about it means to work in a studio like this and what goes in to game development, especially on a licensed product."

David Jaffe was a little more reserved and measured in his comments but basically said that EA Louse has no idea what he is talking about saying: "Everyone thinks they always know better than the people in charge. On God of War 1 I still remember a small group of hard core gamers on the team that felt we were making the game 'wrong' because there was not all this deep, deep, Street Fighter 2/Tekken style depth to the combat system. 'Jaffe's out of touch!' 'Jaffe doesn't 'get it!'...never did it occur to them that we were going for something else."

He continued: "Even though I explained this to them over and over! But still, every few weeks I could count on this little contingency being up in the studio head's office pitching 'their' version of the game, with the goal being to have the head step in- which he never did- and shove their ideas into the title. Games SHOULD allow for self expression by members of the team- that is FANTASTIC when that happens and something management should always try to offer up- but it's gotta be within context of and in service to the product."

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