Moore sees disc-less future for FIFA franchise

But not for another 5 years at least

EA Sports president Peter Moore has been talking about how he sees the future panning out for the FIFA franchise.

Moore told MCV that, while FIFA's immediate future is on disc, there will come a time that the game will become a digital service running 365 days a year instead of a new disc produced annually.

The EA Sports president said: "Football for most of us is pretty constant. This year there was, what, a 15 day off-season. And even then we were thinking about it and reading about it. Thats the space football occupies in our lives and thats how we've got to look at it. We need to provide that persistent world, maybe sometimes powered by discs, maybe on social networks, or the cloud or whatever. That's the team's vision, that no matter where you are or what you're using, theres a FIFA experience to be had, it all links together, it lifts your level up and identifies your status."

He added: "Personally I still think there'll be discs five years from now. But generally yes, of course, I think there will come a time when FIFA is less a disc that you wait for in late September/early October, and more something that we provide 365 days a year. In a few years time I expect to have less of a team developing and as many if not more doing live operations."

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