Scottish gamers take to Indiegogo to open a gamer's cafe in Glasgow, MEGABytes

Team hoping to raise 6000 GBP to kit the place out

A group of Scottish gamers have taken to Indiegogo to help fund opening a new cafe dedicated to the gamers of Glasgow.

The idea behind MEGABytes is to open a place where gamers can come and enjoy games-related events from Q&A sessions with industry figures to FPS tournaments to just offering a place where handheld gamers can get together and play.

They're looking to raise 6000 GBP on Indiegogo in order to fund putting in things like kitchen appliances, furniture and amenities like a disabled toilet as well as consoles, TVs and even a awesome projector. If they can raise the amount the Prince's Trust will double that and help them to get well on their way.

For more information and to fund MEGABytes on Indigogo and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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