Namco: Titles like Enslaved stop games from becoming stale

New IPs are key to keeping industry vibrant, says publisher

While the holiday season is generally reserved for highly anticipated sequels, sometimes publishers can find success with new intellectual properties during the period.

Though these new franchises are risky, they are necessary to drive the industry forward, says Japanese mega publisher Namco Bandai. The studio recently launched Enslaved, which is a new IP from British developers Ninja Theory.

"It's important in this industry to have innovative new titles. Without these the games market would become stale. We need great quality gaming experiences, so why not invest in new franchises to the level that most sequels have?" Lee Kirton, PR manager of Namco's UK branch, told MCV. "With Enslaved, this is the case and its a big company statement to do this."

Enslaved appears to be a moderate success so far, charting just behind several big-name franchises, such as Fifa and Halo, during its opening week.

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