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Not innovating on consoles is a big risk says Murray

Hello Games fights the corner for innovation

Hello Games boss Sean Murray believes that for indie developers working on the consoles not innovating is a bigger risk than playing it safe.

Murray highlighted publishers' unwillingness to take a risk on more innovative titles in the current climate saying that this was them playing a short-sighted game and that the more innovative titles made more sense looking to the future.

He began: "The thing that I see is that we're approaching, strange though this sounds, the end of this console cycle. I think in the next three years we're going to see the end of this console cycle and the beginning of a new one. I think whenever that happens the last few years are filled with a lot of licenses, sequel etc. I'm really excited that there are these new ways to create games, like digital download, XBLA, PSN. A lot of the stuff on Steam is way more interesting to me than a raft of new sequels at next year's E3 for example. I'm a lot more excited for that stuff, and I think a lot of people are."

Murray concluded: "You see the way that Minecraft, for instance, is on fire at the moment, you know? People want innovation, it's just that at this stage, publishers don't want risk - and that's what they're saying. I think that's really short sighted, to me, but then I'm a small developer. I think it would be really risky not to innovate at the moment."


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