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Rubicon expansion arrives for EVE Online

Expansion includes a full patch as well

Today marks the arrival of the 20th free expansion for CCP's long-running MMO EVE Online.

Rubicon brings in the seeds of galactic revolution to EVE Online, empowering pilots with the ability to wage guerilla warfare against each other tearing down some of the game's most definitive empires.

It also brings more of the adventuring spirit sparked off by the Odyssey expansion adding Ghost Vaults, hidden caches of pirate treasures free to be found by those willing to forge out and search for them. Rubicon expansion arrives for EVE Online

Senior producer on EVE Online, Andie Nordgren said, “With Rubicon, we’re taking the first, decisive steps towards our vision for EVE Online’s second decade. We are at the beginning of a multi-expansion arc that will forever alter the face of New Eden by offering players more power over the universe than ever before and setting them upon an inevitable path to ascension.”

More information on the full content of Rubicon is available over on the EVE Online website. Rubicon also includes a patch and full notes are available over on the community site.

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