Dev: Black Ops to 'feel darker and more emotional'

Shift to Cold War enables greater emotional variety.

Activision is exploring more than just a new war with its upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops - according to a third-party development team, the shift in time periods is also enabling the franchise to touch players on a more personal level.

According to Spov, an external development team that has worked on the various cut-scenes from the past four Call of Duty titles, the Cold War is much broader confrontation, which allows designers to leverage a number of different emotions to convey Black Ops' characters' emotions.

"For Spov, the opportunity to harness some of the paranoia, confusion and disinformation which existed to inform our visual style and interpretation of the story," Allen Leitch, senior designer at Spov, told the [A]list Daily. "Black Ops will feel darker and more emotional - our scenes are less technologically driven, and more about the characters experience and predicament."

Players will get to experience Call of Duty: Black Ops next month, when it's due to storm stores worldwide.

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