Namco Bandai to distribute next two Harvest Moon titles in Europe

Back to the farm

Namco Bandai has announced a new partnership that will see them distribute Rising Star Games' next two Harvest Moon releases in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on the Wii and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands on the DS will be dsitributed to European, Asian and Arab retailers this November by Namco Bandai.

The agreement will see Namco Bandai make good use of the network they acquired when they bought up the struggling publisher Atari.

Alberto Gonzlez Lorca, Vice President Third Parties at Namco Bandai said: "The Harvest Moon series has a very strong heritage of delivering consistently high quality games, so it's with great pleasure that we will be bringing these two latest iterations in the series to our markets. We're looking forward to working with the team at Rising Star to maximise their potential and reach new fans."

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