Bizarre hopeful for a Blood Stone sequel

Making a Bond game was really fun

Bizarre Creations is hopeful that Activision will want to do a sequel to their upcoming James Bond title Blood Stone.

We caught up with Bizarre Creations and they told us just what it was like to put a big budget action game together with top Hollywood talent including writer Bruce Feirstein, actors Daniel Craig and Joss Stone and stunt co-ordinator Ben Cooke.

They told us: "It was a challenge. Yeah, weve never taken on a game of this magnitude before. It's a big, big game. Working with that kind of A-list talent can be intimidating. Fortunately, they were all very professional and a great pleasure to work with. And I think weve done it justice. At the completion of any game, you always think 'Oh, I could have done that better, could have done this' and so on. I think we'd all like to give it another shot as well, just to try it again, so maybe a sequel..."

They continued: "Ah, I dont know, Im not going to [talk about that]. It's not really up to us, but we'd love to do it all over again. It was certainly a hugely enjoyable experience. And we learnt so much from this, working with voice talent, working from a script, trying to piece together different gaming dynamics such as the on-foot action, driving action, and the boating action into a cohesive game has been really fun."

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is due out on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and DS later this winter.

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