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High Voltage looks to preemptively stop cheaters

HVG's latest title won't be a conduit to hackers or cheaters like the first game.

The Conduit serves an extremely niche market on the Wii: first-person shooters. However, thanks partially to Nintendo's archaic online system, developer High Voltage Games had some trouble preventing cheaters and hackers from infesting the title's online multiplayer modes.

This won't be an issue in The Conduit's 2011 sequel, insists producer Keith Hladik. Speaking to Gaming Nexus in a recent interview, he said HVG is actively putting measures in place that should preemptively stop unfair play.

"We have been working with Nintendo on banning hackers since the first games release," said Hladik. "We are going to support downloadable patches and hot fixes that will help fix exploits found. We are also taking measures to ensure the same types of hacks on the first game do not happen on [The] Conduit 2."

This may have contributed to the game's delay. The Conduit 2 was originally slated for a November release, though it was later pushed to 2011 to allow for extra polish.

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