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Jumpgate offers Earth and Beyond asylum

How kind...

Jumpgate developer NetDevil has tendered a generous offer to aggrieved Earth and Beyond players who'll be losing their game in September - the offer tabled being a free 30-day trial of their space combat/trade title in return for redundant Earth and Beyond discs.

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Institutive, is a persistent online space universe, along similar lines to Westwood/EA's flagging creation, and offers a heady blend of trading and combat which should appeal to Earth and Beyond's followers. The offer is apparently open until October 31st this year, and we're guessing a few former EA devotees may take advantage.

"We are troubled to see the small online space genre losing another excellent game. At NetDevil, we're hoping that players are still looking for something different in a market saturated with fantasy games. If players want to fly a spaceship, we obviously welcome them to check out Jumpgate," enthused Jumpgate Programmer Josh Johnston.

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