Rumour: Reach success reignites Halo movie effort

$200 million convinces Hollywood to give Halo another go.

With Bungie's recent Halo: Reach generating more than $200 million in revenue on its first day at retail, it seems Hollywood is trying to give the problematic movie another chance.

According to entertainment publication Vulture, Dreamworks is looking at the Halo novels as source material for an upcoming movie. This enables the studio to avoid issues that Fox and Universal encountered trying to adapt the games to the big screen.

While Dreamworks is pursuing the title, fans shouldn't expect the movie anytime soon - no writer has taken up the job and there is no script drafted yet, either.

Halo: Reach marks the last title that franchise creator Bungie will work on. The Washington-based developer recently entered into a 10-year publishing deal with Activision.

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