Levine not bothered by Hollywood stars

Making games is really really hard

Irrational Games' Ken Levine has said that he believes that the games industry has become too star struck by the film industry.

Levine told Develop Online that he rejected the offer to collaborate with an unnamed big Hollywood director because he felt that it was completely unnecessary.

The BioShock and System Shock creator emphasised that the games industry should not play second fiddle to the movie industry saying that games are really difficult to do well.

He said: "And of course film directors can jump through the game industry's open doors. Guillermo del Toro who by the way is an amazing film director recently signed a deal with THQ to make videogames. And I'm thinking he's never made a videogame. Maybe he's got a genius for it. But games are really, really hard to make well. In our industry there's too many people star-struck of the movie world, jumping into deals with some big movie director just because they're big film directors.

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