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Crpytic: Triple-A games will soon be free-to-play

Studio CEO leaves a not-so-cryptic message about the future of games.

While free-to-play games often have a stigma associated with them, efforts such as League of Legends and the upcoming Firefall are challenging that notion.

According to Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Enmert, triple-A products will soon be able sustain their outlandish budgets through free-to-play models, which could have huge ramifications on the way the industry operates.

"The time is certainly getting close where ... triple-A videogames can be free-to-play," Enmert told Eurogamer. "Dungeons and Dragons Online, for instance, has proven that you can put a pretty high quality product out there, make it free-to-play and you're going to attract an audience that is stable business-wise."

Cryptic Studios is currently working on a Neverwinter MMO for PC. The California-based developer has not announced a pricing model for the game, though his standpoint on free-to-play games could offer enthusiasts a not-so-cryptic hint.

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