Major US political figures guesting in NBA JAM

Have Gore dunk all over Bush...

Have you ever wondered if Al Gore could beat George W Bush in a game of one-on-one basketball?

Now with EA Sports' reviving the NBA JAM series you will be able to get the chance. ESPN of all people has unearthed news that a raft of prominent US politicians will appear as unlockable playable characters in the NBA JAM reboot.

Gamers will be able to take on the Democrats vs Republicans battle with President Barack Obama, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush, Deputy President Joe Biden, former Deputy under George W and George Bush Senior Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore and presidential runners up Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin.

NBA JAM hits the Wii this week with US fans getting access to it today and the UK release coming on Friday. It will also be heading to the Xbox and PS3 via XBLA and PSN later in the year.

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