Capcom revises earnings forecast due to Lost Planet

The ill-fated shooter causes Capcom to reduce its fiscal forecast.

Lost Planet 2 is disappointing Capcom's investors as well as game critics - earlier today, the Japanese publisher revised it's annual earnings forecast in light of the title's lacklustre retail performance.

Capcom had expected Lost Planet 2 to be a big hit among Western gamers, predicting it would shift more than 3 million units. However, critics bemoaned the game's design and as a result, the Lost Planet 2 missed Capcom's lofty expectations.

An official company report notes,"Capcom has been unable to offset the large shortfall in sales relative to the plan for the flagship title "Lost Planet 2" that was released overseas in the fiscal year's first quarter."

Overall, the Japanese publisher trimmed its net income by more than 40 percent or 1.2 billion yen from its original projections.

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