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Medal of Honor open beta to launch at the beginning of October

EA goes all 'try before you buy'

EA has announced that as well as holding closed beta testing sessions for Medal of Honor's multiplayer they will also hold a short open beta testing session at the beginning of October.

PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the beta version of Medal of Honor's multiplayer in a limited open beta test between the 4th and the 8th of October.

The open beta will feature two levels, Kunar Base and Shandikot Mountains. Kunar Base will be playable in Sector Control mode where two teams fight for control of various sectors of the map. Shandikot Mountains will be available in Combat Mission mode which will see one team attempting to compete a set of objectives with the other team trying to stop them. Both maps will be full 12-on-12 multiplayer.

EA's Frank Gibeau elaborates: "The Open Beta of the Medal of Honor multiplayer mode will allow players to sample the authenticity and adrenaline-fueled action that the full game will offer on October 15. We also hope that by offering the Multiplayer Open Beta, we can clear up any misunderstanding about the patriotism and respect that are the foundation of this game. The Medal of Honor franchise has always shown extraordinary reverence for American and Allied soldiers -- this game is no exception."

FPS fans can sign up for the open beta on the Medal of Honor official website.

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