Ueda "flattered" that Shadow of the Colossus is considered art

It could have been been more arty though

Fumito Ueda has been talking about video games as art and has expressed his joy that Shadow of the Colossus is one of the games that is held up as an example of games as art.

Ueda explained on the US PlayStation blog that he was flattered at the compliment but it could have been made more artistic.

"I'm happy about it, I'm flattered," he said. "But I wonder what part are they are referring to when they make that comment, that its art. What part are they looking at? Because I think it's possible to make it even more artistic. But because it's a video game, those possibilities have been subdued somewhat it's a game. So Id be interested to know what part, exactly, they mean when they refer to it as art."

He added: "There are games out there that are much more artistic than Shadow of the Colossus. And personally I also believe that it would be possible to make it even more 'arty', so to speak."

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