BioShock Infinite cranks up the quality of AI interactions

NPCs to put on more of a show

Irrational Games is focused on creating more realistic and meaningful AI interactions.

Ken Levine told GiantBomb that they are trying to make the NPCs interact with each other in a much more interesting way than has ever been done before.

Levine said: "In videogames, everything is always amped up to eleven, and you can always have them do bigger and bigger things. Sometimes, we we're like: 'How do we demonstrate that this guy is just f**king badass?', and the notion of grabbing a horse while running and that's a technologically a very difficult thing to do, because having a guy grab another guy thats moving, thats really challenging."

"In the original BioShock," he continued, "where the Big Daddy would pick up the Little Sister and put her behind him, I wanted a level of interactivity between AI because generally the AI really doesn't interact with each other in a meaningful way. But what were really focused on in Infinite is interaction between AI and really stepping that up, and really making them do interesting things together. You don't see a lot of that, and it's hard to do but were always always looking for things people haven't beat to death already."

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