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New Pokemon sets Japanese record for fastest-selling game

Combined, they eclipse Final Fantasy VIII's launch.

Last week, Japanese gamers lined up en masse to pick up Nintendo's latest Pokemon offering, Black and White. Now, according to statistics released by software tracker Media Create, the duo of DS titles have set a Japanese record for the fastest-selling game.

The two titles combined sold 2.56 million copies during the first two days they were available, with Black selling 1.3 million units and White shifting 1.2 million. Because Media Create counts the games as a single SKU, Pokemon Black and White have set the records for largest launch and fastest-selling title.

The previous record holder was Final Fantasy VIII, which rode the coattails of its massively popular predecessor.

Pokemon Black and White also helped lift the sales of the DS, which shifted 85,770 units for the week. To date, 31 million DS handhelds have been sold in the territory.

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