Platinum: West has 'more complete view' of games than Japan

Western gamers have broader tastes than Japanese players, says studio head.

While Japan is largely credited with the revival of the gaming industry, some developers believe the country is experiencing a mid-life crisis of sorts. Capcom's research and development head Keiji Inafune even told The New York Times that domestic designers are "making awful games" and that "Japan is at least five years behind" the West.

Platinum Games head Atsushi Inaba recently offered an explanation for this "negative trend," though. He believes the lacklustre software comes from the fact that Japanese gamers and developers have a limited view of games in comparison to Westerners.

"Japanese gamers did not feel the need in the past to buy imports and play them. In sharp contrast, overseas users imported a lot," he told Edge Online. "I think overseas users and developers have for a long time had a wider and more complete view of gaming."

For the firm's upcoming title, Vanquish, Inaba said the key was to balance western and eastern design philosophies. With the game due in less than a month, he'll soon see if his gamble pays off.

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