Take-Two planning to find a slice of the pre-owned market

Rockstar parent to join EA and THQ in the war against pre-owned

It has emerged that Take-Two the parent of 2K and Rockstar is looking into measures that would allow them to make money from second-hand sales of their titles.

Take-Two will be joining EA and THQ who have instituted online passes that see second-hand buyers needing to purchase a pass to use their title's online multiplayer features although Take-Two has not indicated how it will tackle the pre-owned problem.

Ben Feder the company's CEO avoided talking about their strategy but did speak about a recent ruling in the US Court of Appeal which found that an AutoCAD user could not sell his copy off as it would breach his license agreement with AutoCAD creators AutoDesk.

Feder said: "Look, the used game market is protected by US law under the First Sale Doctrine. We do believe that developers should participate in some way in the product they create, but it's a protected environment. I know there was some... not legislation, but additional news that came out over the last few days.. but I think it's too early to tell what impact that will have."

He added: "We try to announce results and what the company's actually doing. We don't discuss what goes on internally. For sure, we think the used game market is large, it's an interesting market and something we should participate in. Beyond that I don't have much more to comment."

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