Dead Space 2 needs to be a success for series to continue

Visceral hopes Dead Space 2 won't leave the franchise dead in the water.

It's no secret that Dead Space: Extraction didn't meet the expectations that publisher Electronic Arts had set for it. Now, with Dead Space 2 set to ship in January, developer Visceral Games hopes the game is popular enough the studio will get to make a third entry.

"Nobody's going to just let you go and do another game just because," Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis told Eurogamer. "You have to have the people that are interested in it."

If another Dead Space title is green lit, the studio has several ideas for the action-horror franchise. That's only if the studio gets the chance, though. "Ultimately, just like with Dead Space 2, we have to have the support from the players in order to do it," Papoutsis added.

Dead Space 2 is set to release in January 2011, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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