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Halo: Reach best selling Xbox exclusive ever

Spartans' last stand shoots to number one

Halo: Reach has made 200 million USD for Microsoft since its worldwide launch on Tuesday of last week.

Microsoft has been overwhelmed by the response the game has been getting after shifting 300,000 copies in the UK on day one alone.

Stephen McGill Microsoft's director of entertainment and marketing told MCV: "We obviously believed in the potential of Reach, and of Halo as a franchise, but to make over $200m sales on day one is a staggering result. The reception the game has received has been phenomenal. Halo: Reach has proved itself to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 and the best-selling Xbox exclusive in history."

He added: "In this first week alone over 2,000 human years have already been spent globally playing the campaign and multiplayer, not to mention the Forge and Theatre mode thats an utterly incredible."

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