Kotick criticses Schwarzenegger's new games law

Acti CEO takes on the Governator

Activision president and CEO has stuck his neck out to criticise the new law proposed for the state of California to ban the sale of mature-rated games to minors.

Bobby Kotick launched a comprehensive attack on the plan calling it a waste of taxpayers' money and saying that efforts could be better expended in informing parents of the current ESRB ratings system.

Kotick said: "Our First Amendment has survived intact for 219 years amid far greater technological, historical and social challenges. The argument that video games present some kind of new ominous threat that requires a wholesale reassessment of one of our nation's most treasured freedoms and to take that freedom away indiscriminately from an entire group of our population based on nothing but age is beyond absurd."

He added: "These are the same attacks Americans have witnessed against every previous emerging entertainment medium and genre including books, comics, rock 'roll, movies, TV and the Internet. In each case, freedom prevailed."


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