Settlers settling for the fifth time...

Blue Byte take charge...
Yes, it was today confirmed that the popular Sim-esque strategy game from Blue Byte would be getting a fifth outing, thanks to publishers Ubi Soft. The series boasts over 3.5 million sales worldwide so far, and version five will see the game hitting consoles for the first time, too. Called simply ‘The Settlers’ on Gamecube, Xbox, and Playstation 2, it is yet to be revealed when the game will be released. Though development has, apparently, only just begun, so we shouldn’t be the surprised. "This new game from the cult series will undoubtedly widen The Settlers’ audience” says Odile Limpach, Managing Director Ubi Soft studio, Blue Byte. “Our production team is currently focusing on innovative 3D-technology and absolutely new game features”. Apparently, a team of twenty-five is currently beavering away on the new game, which will advance the series to the cutting edge with some lovely visuals, etc. Sadly no new images yet, however. More news as we get it.
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