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Sony: Move is a 'platform launch'

Moving new platforms back for a few more years.

Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller launch this past was more than a simple peripheral release - according to Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at Sony America, it was essentially the debut of a new console.

It's virtually a platform launch, not entirely because it uses the PS3 OS, but much of the same mechanics are in place - you have to talk to developers, the press, consumers and retail and to support and it has to have a big campaign," the Sony executive told [a]list. "We've seen some great demand out of the gate, with pre-sales ramping up and retail is asking for more."

Dille also boasted the variety of titles that would support Move, ranging from Killzone 3 to EyePet. This assortment of titles has enabled the platform to reach a broad number of consumers through the past 15 years.

The Sony executive isn't the only person that considers the new motion controllers paramount to a new console cycle. EA Sports head Peter Moore recently said both Kinect and Move will help extend the current generation an additional three years.

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