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Disgaea 4 announced through Japanese retailer

A listing on the website of Japanese retailer Bic Camera indicates that Disgaea 4 is in the works and may be coming sooner than many fans anticipated.

According to Bic, the game will release in February 2011, exclusively for the PS3. The Limited Edition version of the game will come with figurine, an art book and a soundtrack. While details are currently slim, the retailer mentions the game will revolve around a "huge scale" and "network functions."

Disgaea 4 was previously mentioned by NIS head Sohei Shinkawa during an interview with Dengeki magazine, though no release date was specified. With Tokyo Game Show currently underway, the timing of this leak indicates NIS maybe be planning a formal announcement over the next few days.

The previous entry in the niche franchise, Disgaea 3, was received warmly received by critics, though it struggled commercially.

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