Codemasters unveil DiRT 3's new Gymkhana mode

DiRT 3 cranks up the action

Codemasters has released a new video showing off their new Gymkhana game mode for Colin McRae's DiRT 3.

Gymkhana mode is an all new stunt-based competition that will encourage players to take on some precise stunt driving withing the most challenging prop-filled racing compounds.

Players will also be able to record their runs and share them with friends on YouTube as well as competing against each other either online or in split-screen multiplayer.

Top Gymkhana driver Ken Block said: "I had a blast working with the guys on last years Colin McRae: DiRT 2, and with the introduction of Gymkhana to DiRT 3 were pushing both the series and racing games forward. I love doing the gymkhana videos, and its so great to work with Codemasters to give players that unique sensation of pushing a car to its limits while honing about. With the video upload function, maybe Ill get some competition from gamers!"

E3 Trailer