Enslaved gets a BAFTA screening and Q and A

Ninja Theory throw a party at BAFTA

Ninja Theory's newest title Enslaved: Journey to the West is set to get an exclusive screening and Q and A session at BAFTA in London later this month.

Tameem Antonaides, Ninja Theory's creative chief will host the event alongside GameSpot editor Guy Cocker and will screen the game to those lucky enough to score a ticket.

The session is set to give an insight into how the game took shape and how the creative influences of Monkey actor and co-director Andy Serkis and co-writer Alex Garland of 28 Days Later fame.

BAFTA's headquarters at 195 Piccadilly in London will open it's doors for the event at 6.30pm on September the 27th. Tickets for the event will cost 5 GBP and are available on TicketWeb.

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