EA expects Bulletstorm to sell as much as Gears

Selling up a storm at retail

After a brief period of silence, Electronic Art's Partners program has made a resurgence as of late, with a number of new projects recently announced.

One of the Partners games is Bulletstorm, a collaborative effort from Gears of War developer Epic Games and its Polish subsidiary, People Can Fly. The over-the-top action shooter was announced earlier this spring, and revolves around "skillshots" that challenge players to creatively dispatch enemies.

Though Bulletstorm is a new IP, EA has high hopes for the title based on its developer's heritage. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, David DeMartini, the head of EA's Partners program, said the publisher expects Bulletstorm to perform "very much like Gears" at retail.

"It's (a) new IP, so let's hang that around its shoulders if you will. But it's a great game," DeMartini explained. "Let's not call it Call of Duty or Medal of Honor massive, where I'm thinking Call of Duty maybe 15 million units, Medal of Honor maybe seven. It could be very much like Gears."

Bulletstorm is slated to release next February for all three high-definition platforms.

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