Obsidian muddying the moral lines between Fallout: New Vegas factions

No black and white morality in New Vegas

Bethesda's Peter Hines has been explaining how the factions in Fallout: New Vegas will work.

Speaking in an interview with Planet Fallout, Hines said that the factions in New Vegas will be less black and white than in Fallout.

Hines said: "Without giving too much away, in general you've got two main factions in the game fighting for control over the Mojave wasteland, NCR and Caesar's Legion."

He continued: "We've tried to have everything in Fallout: New Vegas not to be so black and white. These are the good guys these are the bad guys, if you join with these guys you are bad, if you join with these guys you are good. It's not quite that cut and dry."

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