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Guerilla Games runs into trouble with 3-D

3-D blood splatter makes Guerilla see red

Guerilla Games has developed a reputation as pushing the technical limits of the PlayStation 3. The Dutch developers set new graphical bars for the console with the release of Killzone 2, and now the studio is tackling 3-D technology with Killzone 3.

However, Guerilla Games has run into a couple of challenges while developing the latest entry into the Killzone series. MSNBC reports that implementation of visual effects, such as displaying blood splatter or cross hairs, have forced the team to come up with creative solutions.

"With the 3-D effect, there's so much information for your eyes to take in," Ter Heide, senior producer at Guerilla Games, told MSNBC. "Streamlining these visual touches is the key to successfully immersing players in the new 3-D environments."

Gamers won't have long to wait to see how Guerilla Games handles these issues. At PAX Prime, Sony announced Killzone 3 will launch on February 22, 2011.

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