3D poses problems for Tekken X Street Fighter

Framerate could be a problem

The producers of the Tekken and Street Fighter have been talking about the options they have been exploring for their crossover titles.

The Tekken lead Katsuhiro Harada told CVG that his team at Namco has been looking at the possibility of including 3D support for Tekken X Street Fighter. He has noted however that framerate will be the biggest technical obstacle.

He said: "When people think of 3D they think first-person shooters or third-person shooters, or flight games are more suited because of the aspects of the game. However, internally we've done all kinds of research, not necessarily in making a game as such, but taking various games we have and seeing what they would look like in 3D, and we thought that fighting games look quite good.

Harada continued: "There is still the technological hurdle, as mentioned previously. It's kind of hard to say at this point [if 3D support will be included]. Ono-san said of his version of the collaboration: "At this point, talking about 3D if you think about the frame-rate, with 3D games it is doubled and because both of our fighting games are of high-grade gaming it is 60 frames per second. Running a 120 fps game is pretty difficult so we're not sure about that."

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